Angel Eggs
Young Angel

A young angel kneels in prayer inside this goose egg.  Gold trim and flat backed opals surround the sculptured opening. 

Stand is 14k gold plated with a small hand crafted ceramic rose.  The base of this is made of corian. 

Price: $65.00

Item: #101A


Caroling Angel

In this Emu egg you will find a beautiful singing Angel with two decorated Christmas Tree in the backround and two bright red cardinals at her feet. Red glasss beads frame the openings of both the front and the back of the egg.

Price: $125.00 Item: #102A


Angel Dog

Imagine your dearly beloved pet set in a scene depicting, "The Meadow" . That wonderful place where all of our departed pets go to romp and play as they did when young, carefree and healthy. Most breeds are available and each has a halo and wings!!

The flower decals on the front may be different with each design as are the colors of beads and the way the eggs will stand. All of this will depend on the size and shape of the pet.

These are custom made and may take 2 to 3 weeks depending on availability of the dog requested. Stand will be 14k gold plated as will be any findings. Color of glass bead on top may be different also.

Price: $150.00

Item: #2000A

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