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Bruce and Deb

I finally made a "Wedding Egg"!! And of course it was for my own wedding.  I married a wonderful man by the name of  Bruce Jones whom I have known for 19 years.  Sometimes the right things in life just take a little time.  He works as a Captain for a Fire Department and I am extremely proud of him and the work he does. I've always thought of our Firefighters as Heros and Bruce has been mine for many years.  We were married on the beach in Bandon, Oregon on my birthday in February.  What a magical time and a dream come true for me.

Our Wedding Egg

For our cake I used an Emu egg which I sponge painted  in light shades of pink, taupe and white.  The front and back are carved in a free-form shape and trimmed in antique gold edging and cord. Inside I placed a sophisticated bride and groom sharing their first dance as man and wife.  Beautiful pink and cream colored fabric roses are placed around the edges in the front, back and also inside the egg.  I also used  beautiful sequined flowers at the base of the opening front and back.  The egg is placed on a golden stand which is set on a corian base that sat well on our cake.  Golden findings, a pink glass bead and pearl finish the top.  Roses made of a fine netting were hardened with glue and placed around the base. Quite a different "cake topper".  It now sits in my china cabinet as a wonderful reminder of our wedding day.

Garden Wedding

Shades of pink and mauve are sponge painted on this Emu Egg wedding cake topper.  You will find decoupaged decals of roses on the front and wedding bells on the back which I have carved around.  Pink and gold trim along with pinkish golden beads frame the front and back openings. Here you will also find flat-backed opals.  The bride and groom are set in a garden scene with ivy, pink roses, moss and dried flowers. Pale pink roses are on the top of the egg, set in front of the golden base and as a garland circled around the clear plastic bottom. Pink bell shaped flowers with clear bugle beads drape down the sides. The golden stand sits on a corian base. New design has base trimmed with ribbon and white pearls. Approximately 9 inches high.

Price: $150.00    Item: #WEDP27

The Ring

The groom places a ring on the bride's finger in this beautiful wedding cake topper.  In a pale pink sponge painted Emu Egg you will find the bride and groom surrounded by white lacy flowers with pearls and pink rosebuds.  The opening of the front has decoupaged flowers and the back has wedding bells which have been carved around.  Front and back openings are trimed in pink with pink beads and gold cording. You will also find flat-backed rhinestones , a tiny pink rose with green leaves and flat-backed opals placed among the decoupaged flowers in front. The top is adorned with a bow and ribbon flowers, pearls cascade down the sides.  You will also find ribbon flowers on the back of the egg.  Three golden swans hold the egg as they sit on a base of corian surrounded by a rose garland. A white plastic base with tiny pink rhinestones finish this egg.

Price: $200.00    Item: #WED28 SOLD



25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Egg

This beautiful Emu egg is painted a very soft sea shell white on the outside and a pale blue on the inside. Fine glitter over the blue gives the feeling of an evening sky with thousands of twinkling stars surrounding the loving couple. Beads of silver and white frame the opening along with silver edging and silver cord.  The silver toned stand sits on a piece of corian that is mounted on a clear plastic stand. Silver braided trim encircles both the corian and plastic stand.  The silver stand has pretty white and silver flowers around the base and you will also find  roses here that I sculpted by hand and painted silver.  A dove and tiny wire hearts with rhinestones are placed with the flowers.  A tiny flatbacked rose sits on the top front of the egg with silver findings on either side and a beautiful CAB teardrop sitting on another silver finding is the finishing touch.  I truly love this egg!  Approximately 10 1/2 inches high.

Price: $200.00    Item: #WEDS29




Cake Top Made with an Ostrich Egg for Our Daughter's Weddimg

Peach Wedding Egg

Beautiful cream colored Emu Egg with champagne sponged color on the outside. Golden beads surround the opening and peach colored ribbons drape from the top. White flowers on the top and beautiful pictures of old fashioned roses grace the front. Groom is placing a ring on the brides finger. Base is plastic with corian top. Base can be covered halfway with a peach colored ribbon and white lace trim. Approximately 10 1/2 inches tall.

Item: #WEDP30 Price $150.00


Goose Egg Wedding Favors to match Wedding Egg

Favors made from goose eggs can be made with the same flower decals and colors as most cake tops. Figures inside are assorted. Great gift for members of the wedding party to remember your special day or can be used as wedding favors. These match the Peach Wedding Egg. Call for special pricing on orders over 10 goose eggs.

Item: #WEDFP Price $30.00 each Free shipping included



Lavender Wedding Egg

Pale Lavender Emu Egg with champagne highlights is trimmed in gold and silver toned glass beads. Orchid flower decal on front and back of egg with lavender ribbons. White flower on the top and lavender flowers on the base. Base is a plastic cake base with a corian top and can be covered halfway down with a lavender ribbon and white lace trim. Approximately 9 1/2 inches tall.


Price $150.00 SOLD


When you order a Wedding egg, I can can change the hair color on the figurines to match the couple if I have enough advance notice... Please contact me for more information.

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